Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Name Game: Boy Version

Well, our next step is to name this little guy. I absolutely hate referring to him as "the baby"... it seems so... impersonal. We had decided on Porter's name around 20 weeks. I remember Porter being the only name that seemed to "fit", even though I tried for weeks to try to find another name, unable to settle on Porter. However, I'm so glad now that I did as I love his name and it fits him so well.

I have a few names for this little guy that I really like, and a slim few that are right at the tip top of the list. And possibly "the one" but, as I was last time, I'm not ready to commit just yet.

Ryan is stubborn, as always. He's unable to come up with any creative names that I haven't heard 50 million times (he was so proud of himself when he said he found the "perfect" name... Caden... Uh... yeah, right along with 500 thousand other Cadens, Aidens, Bradens, Jadens and Haydens. HAHA!). So, when I suggest a name he usually vetoes it right away, and then after I bug him with it 10 more times or so he starts to warm up on it. So, right now there are two, and only two, names that he will even consider. Everything else he shoots down right away.

So, let's pretend Ryan doesn't have a say in this. Really, he does, but for fun, let's just look at my list, ok? Now, not all of these names I *love* but they all have a bit of potential, and of course there are some I love much more than others.

I did have Graham on the list, but I think Graham Barczak reminds me of "Grandma Barczak" and a little bit of somehting like a graham bar... whatever that is... graham cracker mixed with granola bar??

I also really liked Tobin, but Tobin Barczak sounds too... "B-ish". Ryan, of course, thought the same.

So, here's my little poll. I'm sure I'll post again soon with an updated list and lots of these scratched off. Which name both a) goes well with Porter and b) sounds good with the last name Barczak.


kimca01 said...

I love Hudson and Griffin. I tried hard for Morgan's name to be Griffin but Brad was difficult (of course)

I like Tobin but I can see it being turned into Toblerone.

Morgan's friend (month older) is Maddox and the first thing anyone says when they hear his name is that it reminds them of Angelina/Brad.

Funny seeing you on the name board - I had just read your post when you replied to mine! By the way, you are sworn to secrecy on any names you see there as I don't want people to know here until after we have him/her so I won't be posting it on my baby blog!

Amy said...

Hudson's's kind of like Holden, which I always liked for a boy's name!!

Zoe said...

you are the one who fills out and signs the birth certificate :)