Monday, March 31, 2008

Hudson with no middle name

Hudson still does not have a middle name. We really haven't even discussed it lately. I figure with a tad over 7 weeks to go (and crossing my fingers its more like 5 weeks....) I guess we should at least start hashing out some middle name ideas.

Here are the names we're considering so far:

Hudson Cole

Hudson Oliver

Hudson Avery

Hudson Isaiah

Hudson Elijah

Does anyone else have any suggestions? You can vote "Other" and add your suggestions there if you want.

T Minus 7.5 Weeks

These past few weeks have been uncomfortable and painful. I'm so so so ready to just have Hudson here and have our little family of four all together. I'm ready to get back to somewhat normal... to have my body back to myself.

I just got back from a trip to Chicago with some girlfriends and while the trip was a great time, I really couldn't enjoy it as much as I wanted as I was hobbling around with painful hips and I was tired and uncomfortable and stretched feeling. I've gotten to that point where my lungs just don't feel like they hold as much air. I feel like there's pressure on my lungs and bladder all the time. My hips have been out of whack for a few weeks now, and just in the past week sciatic nerve pain has been added to my SI joint pain. If I pivot my legs/hips I feel either a stabbing pain in my upper hip/lower back or a sharp tingling nerve pain down my leg. Neither are fun.

I have an appointment tomorrow and I'm going in before to do my glucose test. I still haven't had that done! I figure, though, that I haven't felt weird after eating or anything like that so I'm sure everything should be ok.

I've decided I won't be attempting to breastfeed with Hudson. I was really gung ho on BF'ing with Porter and it ended up not working out (because of my migraines... P wouldn't latch, pumping was increasing severity of my migraines and I was just not well...) and I had really thought I'd try again this time. However, as selfish as this sounds... I have GOT to get rid of these G sized boobs. Its affecting my self esteem and I know it'll only be worse after having Hudson. I just need to get back to semi-normal ASAP. I feel a bit like a failure and a selfish person, but I just can't imagine these boobs once my milk comes in. Right now they're as large as they were when my milk came in with Porter. So... can you imagine? Sick.

I've been browsing a few online places for one piece outfits for Hudson for this summer. I'm not quite sure how to dress a newborn in the summer! I am not a big fan of "just onesies" as clothes (same with wearing sleepers 24/7) and in the summer there just are not that many clothing options for newborns- other than onesies. While I have plenty of onesies to last him until the end of summer, I'd like to have some one-piece outfits that he can wear as well (when I mentioned this to Leslie and Maria yesterday at the outlet mall, both of their mouths dropped open... I am also not a big fan of one piece outfits at all either...). So... I found a few cute outfits at Gap that I like. I am going to keep an eye out for them to go on sale. If anyone happens to notice them on sale, shoot me an email. :)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

30 Week Appointment

I had a doctor's appointment on Thursday... quickest one I've ever had! Dr. P was on his way up to L&D so he was kind of in a rush. Luckily, everything this pregnancy has been a-ok so far so I didn't have much to meet with him about.

Here's the quick low-down:

-I managed to ONLY gain 3lbs last month! WOO HOO!
-Hudson's heartbeat was 150bpm... although he was quite the squirmer and kicker and Dr. P had a hard time keeping him in one spot to measure his hb. He ended up having to push on one side of my stomach to "trap" him in one spot and "hold" him still.
-I measured 29weeks
-I start going every 2 weeks now! Oh my gosh.. that's so weird. Just 10 more weeks to go! Although, honestly, I'm hoping for only 8 more weeks.... I dread that last month. UGH.

That's about it... kind of a boring update! But, I guess that's better than something being wrong :)

Friday, March 7, 2008

Ritalin, anyone?

Mr. Hudson is quite the active child. He is all over the last few days... kicking and turning and poking every part of my insides. I can barely sit down without having to pee- even if I just went pee minutes before. And I swear it feels like he's kicking at my crotch. OUCH. Sometimes when he moves it feels like he's trying to scrape his way out, and his stretches are getting very uncomfortable. I remember at the end of my pregnancy with Porter (end being... 36weeks +) being super uncomfortable and having Porter stretch out and it being unbearably painful. If Hudson is already causing uncomfortableness and scratching at only 29 weeks... I'm scared for the end of this pregnancy!!

I went to Target today and bought two new shirts and some accessories to wear with them. I want to have something somewhat cute for Chicago-- I'm going to be the only preggo there who is hobbling around with bozo boobs and a round midsection, so I figured I'd better have at least 2 semi-cute outfits on hand to wear to boost my self esteem somewhat. Not that maternity clothes are all that cute, especially when your boobs take up as much room in the shirts as your belly does. I'm not sure what SHOES to wear in Chicago... I can't wear low shoes with any of my jeans- they're all too long and I don't care to have them hemmed as I mainly wear wedge heels all the time. But... I'm not sure wearing wedge heels all day walking in Chicago will be all that comfortable especially being 32 weeks pregnant!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

More Etsy Love...

These BIBS! Such cute bibs!

Diaper Bags that no one else has...

A bit ago I posted about some baby items that I was wanting/needing. One of those was a diaper bag- one that would be somewhat practical for 2 kids. Although Porter doesn't require much, I still toss a diaper, baggie of wipes and snacks in my purse (err... big honking tote bag). So, those items will join all the menagerie of junk that you haul around with an infant.

I recently found a blog that Zoe has- why the heck were you hiding this, girl? Anyhow, I saw a bag posted on her blog and I just loved it. Its from Etsy. Why the hell did I never think to look on Etsy for a hip, unique diaper bag? Why buy one from Target or Wendy Bellissimo or Coach or Pottery Barn when you can have something that no one else has? HAHA! Well... I've found quite a few bags that might work for diaper bags, and quite a few more that I'd love just to have as a bag. If there's one thing I love to buy its bags... how many bags can a person have?

So... some of my favorites... what do you think?

9 Pocket Asian Print corduroy messenger by GlamBaby

Sunday, March 2, 2008

28 Weeks

Not much exciting going on here. So far this pregnancy has been pretty uneventful, thankfully.

Hudson has been moving around like a madman. He's very active and kids and twists and turns all the time.

I'm getting so excited to meet him. I, oddly, keep getting so excited to go into labor (obviously, not anytime soon, though) and to experience all that again. Not that I look forward to the pain and all the horror that goes along with labor/delivery, but just to have those first two days with a new person in our life and everything is so... new... and exciting (ok, and exhausting and painful and stressful and emotional...). But then I get so sad thinking about the end of this pregnancy. I know how fast time has gone by with Porter and how you blink and they change. I know it'll go by even faster with Hudson as we'll have two little boys to keep up with. I just want to soak it all up as much as I can and remember every little thing about them.

I need to do my 28 week belly pictures today and post them. I'm not feeling awfully huge, but my boobs... ugh... Porter put my bra on his head and let's just say one cup fit his head like a hat. I'm carrying an 'almost' newborn in my belly and two 2-year old heads on my chest. Isn't that lovely?

Today I want to organize Hudson's room a little more. Right now its looking like a storage/catch all room. I'd like to have it look a little less like that and a little more like a nursery waiting for a special little guy to arrive. We'll see how far I get on that task today.