Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Just a few videos I found on YouTube (no, neither of these are my belly). I got addicted tonight LOL! Thought I'd share.

Here is me... pregnant....

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The name is....

As of now, his name is Hudson. Hudson with no middle name.

I absolutely can not get Ryan to budge on Sullivan, although I adore the name. The only name we agree on is Hudson, so Hudson it is.

I just can't seem to feel like its "the name", do you know what I mean? I kind of felt that way with Porter's name, so I'm hoping that if we try it out on the little dude in utero, that maybe it'll just start to feel like his name, just like Porter's did. If we stumble across something we (err I) love even more (and can convince Ryan to go along with), we'll go with that. But, for now, he is Hudson.

I bought letters for his nursery, but I'm holding off on painting them. That's how unsure I am. Its just such a weird feeling. I still keep calling him "the baby" or "baby brother." Note to self: Must try to use name when referring to him.

I should tell you... in order for me to agree on Hudson, I told Ryan this was my stipulation:
1) *IF* we have Child #3 and *IF Child #3 ends up being Boy Child #3, then I get 100% first-name naming rights.

Isn't that mean of me?

Anyhow, maybe I just need to find a great middle name for him. So far, the names we like are:

Hudson Oliver (Oliver meaning "peace")
Hudson Avery (Avery meaning "nobility")
Hudson Isaiah (Isaiah meaning "God is salvation")

Porter's middle name "Evan" means "God is gracious". I really want a middle name with some sort of good meaning. Any ideas?

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Ok, before I tell the name..... here are two letters from the first name. Can you guess?

More room decorating

Did I mention that I covered a lampshade in the Zoo fabric?


I finally decided on what to paint for the baby's room. For Porter's nursery, I painted an airplane painting. For P's big boy room I added a helicopter painting (I'll post pics on the regular blog later).

I wasn't sure what to paint for Baby's room (who, by the way, has a name now... I'll announce in a new post). I found a few pictures online that I liked, and I was able to copy/recreate them on my own. So, I won't and can't take full credit for the idea/vision. I'm sure its a tad bit... unethical, but its not like I printed out the pic online and framed it. I guess I consider it no different than another photographer recreating an image/pose that I took. Not exactly "creative" but why reinvent the wheel, right?

Anyhow, I wanted specific sizes and on canvas so I didn't have to frame them. I combined images from a seller on Etsy (Constant Dreamer) and an artist whose paintings I found on (Erica Vess).

Here they are..

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

25week doctor's appointment

Well, this was by far the most depressing doctors appointment I've had thus far. Ok, I shouldn't be THAT dramatic... because everything with Baby is a-ok.


I stepped on the scale.

And even the nurse gasped and said "Oh! 10 lbs this month!"


When Dr. P walked in I had a sheepish grin, I'm sure, as he asked "What's that look for?" I told him I had gained a lot this month and he looked at the chart and said "Oh... well, as long as its not every month, but try to cut back a bit on the sweets and junk food."

My whole appointment we basically talked about my eating habits... errr lack of. I admitted I have a horrible sweet tooth and that I eat horribly. I told him he wouldn't believe how much ice cream I have eaten in the past month... I've eaten a mint milkshake at least 3-4 times a week. Some weeks, every night.

He says "That's what'll kill you... you can't be doing that!" Oh man. I tried to justify it that this acid reflux/throat burning was the culprit... milkshakes are the ONLY thing that makes it better. Kind of. Its just yummier than Tums or Pepcid LOL!

We did revisit my charts from Porter, as he tried to tell me I'd typically gain weight at the end. I told him with Porter I lost weight at the end, that or gained only a pound or two a month. He didn't believe me but when he looked at my charts he said "Yep, well, looks like you're following that same pattern... you had a few months in the middle that you gained a lot, but it tapered off at the end."

As of now, I'm about 5lbs ahead of what I was at this point in my pregnancy with Porter. I gained a total of 40lbs with him, topping out at 170ish. Today, I weighed in at 156. So, I need to chill it out or else I'll be blowing the charts away!

I went grocery shopping and I'm going to really try to eat better and not eat so many sweets. That's my problem... I indulge so much in sweets and I don't think a second thought about it. My philosophy is that pregnancy is my time to be big and fat. I'll never be one of those cute, petite pregnant girls, as my boobs make me look like a freaking football player. My entire torso, belly to neck, is like one big, rolly, lumpy mass. So, why not be happy and eat whatever. The weight can be lost afterwards.

Tomorrow for lunch I'm taking a tuna fish sandwich (good lord... is tuna in or out for pregnancies this year? I can't remember if its safe now or not.... the guidelines change every freaking day), carrots and peanut butter, Dannon light and fit yogurt and probably a granola bar. However... it is our Valentine's Day party at school so I'm sure I'll get my share of sweets HAHA!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

25w 4d

Just a random little update.

--Last night Porter and I took a trip to Westland (about an hour away) to pick up this:
Tracy, I believe, commented on my last post about finding a Sit n Stand at Burlington Coat Factory, so I checked out their website. Why did I travel an hour for technically the same stroller that I could have bought at my local Target? Well, it is tan. And my infant carseat is tan/black. And I'm anal and I want them to somewhat match. BCP is the only place I found that carries the "Vanilla Bean" color of this stroller. Everywhere else seems to have gray and red and silver. Not so hot with my tan/black carseat.

Porter seemed excited about the stroller. He wanted me to push him all around the store in the display model. We'll see how long his fascination lasts.

--This baby boy has been kicking and flipping and making all sorts of moves. He's an active one, that's for sure.

--I've been sleeping so lightly lately. I'm sooo not excited about that. I remember at the end end end of my pregnancy with Porter that I couldn't sleep, but I don't remember much about turning into a light sleeper at 25 weeks. Anyhow, it seems like every little noise wakes me up, and I often just wake up for the hell of it. I hate not getting a full nights sleep! And then Ryan gets up for work at 4:30am-ish, his alarm clock goes off and he gets OUT of bed, grabs his little battery operated alarm clock and climbs back IN bed (with the alarm clock in hand) and hits snooze and sleeps with the alarm clock until it goes off again. So, regardless of if I want to or not, I'm woken up around 4:30am every day, and then again when the snooze goes off. Grrr......

--I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow... I'll update then if there's anything exciting.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Researching Baby Gear.... need opinions please

Luckily, with having another baby boy, we don't have too much stuff to have to purchase. The child has more clothes than he can possibly ever need.....

(these are just newborn and 0-3 month stuff!)

I feel like we've done nothing to prepare for this baby... its like we have nothing to do but sit and wait for him. I obviously have been trying to keep busy and occupied with getting his room together. And I've also been making lists of other baby gear that we will need now that we'll be dealing with two kids, rather than just one baby.

Here are some things I'm looking at buying, most are things we didn't have/use/need with Porter. If any of you moms have opinions/thoughts on them, please let me know!

Sit n Stand Stroller. Porter will only be 2yrs 3mos old when Baby Boy is born... he is definitely not ready to walk around the stores or go on walks with me without having a stroller. And, seeing I'll be home with the boys all summer- I will definitely not be sitting around home going stir crazy. I can't stand being cooped up in the house. Originally I was thinking of getting the One Step Ahead brand, but I just saw yesterday at Target that they have an all charcoal gray one for $119. Furthermore, OSA has a convertible double stroller that converts to the Sit n Stand. I thought about that one at first, but I think I'll forego that and just get the basic Sit n Stand. Porter listens well enough that I think he'll be ok on the bench seat. Does anyone have the Baby Trend one from Target? How do you like it? Pros/Cons? What about the One Step Ahead one? How do you like it? Pros/Cons?

Hotslings Wrap/Sling: I have a sling that my aunt bought me when I had Porter and it was useful for while around the house. However, I found it to be very bulky on the shoulders (its really padded) and I want to try something a little more "sleek" (if carrying a baby can be sleek HAHA!). Target now has one pattern of Hotslings at the store and it folds up SO small. I could put it in the diaper bag easily, and take up no more room than a diaper or two. I am not sure if using a wrap will be more or less useful with having a 2 year old to chase around, but I'm thinking there might be situations that it'd be helpful. There are a million different wraps out there, and I'm not sure which ones are the best. Anyone have any opinions? I've heard of the Maya Wraps, Kangaroo Korner, Peanut Shell, etc etc. I guess my #1 feature I want is lightweight, not bulky, and small enough to throw in a diaper bag. I would love input/advice on selecting a wrap if any of you have used them or tried any of these brands.

Speaking of diaper bags... I'm in the market for a new diaper bag. Right now I just throw a couple diapers and a baggy of wipes in my over sized (aka... enormous) purse... bag... luggage tote. I like big purses. With Porter I used a corduroy messenger bag from Target, which I still use when he goes to the sitters. However, I think with 2 kids I might need/want something a little more structured to keep things organized. I want something cool and stylish, but practical. Is that too much to ask for? I've heard good things about the Pottery Barn Ultimate Diaper Bag, but I'm hesitant to spend $60 on a diaper bag! Any opinions on that? I've also browsed Target (luuuv Target!) and found a few that I like there as well... just not sure about ordering online and paying shipping if I hate the bag, kwim?

I think we also might get the Bumbo Play Tray. We loved our Bumbo (and Porter still loves it!), and the tray wasn't out on the market when P was little. I think it might come in handy. Does anyone have this and use it?

Bathtime: With Porter, we had a baby tub and I hated using it. I gave it to Leslie I think. It was easier and more convenient for us to bathe him in the kitchen sink. I bought one of those spongy bathtub pads and just leaned that up against the back of the sink and put him in there. We have since thrown the spongy thing away since it was, well, a sponge. I was thinking about trying one of these. Has anyone used one a bath sling? Did it work well until the baby could sit up alone in the tub/sink? We need/want something that can fold up skinny, or be thrown in a small closet. We have a tiny house, and space is limited!

Bouncer: I've been thinking of maybe maybe buying a new bouncer. Just so that I have something new for this baby to use. The bouncer we used with Porter was a hand me down from someone... and its pretty no frills. Not sure if it even has vibrate or music. I am clueless when it comes to selecting one of these. One of my clients actually had a really cool one that jiggled and wiggled with the slightest of movement, seemed very soothing and almost gliding like. I haven't found it online at all, so I might have to email her to find out where they got it. Anyhow, here is the one I was looking at. I also like the Papasan one as well, but not sure about the size and how long the baby would enjoy sitting in it.

So... those are the only things I've been able to think of that might be useful for a second child. Do any of you moms of 2+ kids have any baby items that you found to be lifesavers when going from a singlet to a duo? Please share!

Other than that, we'll just be stocking up on diapers, diapers diapers. Fun stuff.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Baby's room is coming along...

Today I tackled some sewing projects for the baby's room. Project #1: a pillow, inspired by these pillows (that are way too expensive for me!!)

And the bedskirt... which I have no clue how it turned out looking so decent. I am sure there's a much easier way to measure fabric so its "square" and to sew the pieces together. I have no clue what I'm doing, honestly.

The mobile for above the baby's bed. I just clipped it to the curtain rod for the time being.

The friends from World Market, taking up residence on the new bookshelf.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

24 Weeks.... review

Ok, I guess I should start journaling a little better with this pregnancy.

Starting Monday I began having these terrible inner thigh/leg joint pains. I thought it was from walking a lot on Monday (working a full day, and going back and forth between my room and the 3rd grade rooms). Anyhow, the pain felt like I had done a kazillion side leg lifts. If I stepped or pivoted to the side, my inner thighs/joints screamed out in pain. I waddled all week. I endured comment after comment from coworkers that I needed to hit up the boss for a scooter or something. If I got up after sitting for awhile, it took my legs/joints (because it really wasn't my leg muscles... it felt like my joints... like they were stiff and tight) to warm up.

I've asked so many people if they felt like this, and I've gotten lots of weird looks. Apparently I'm weird. I seriously feel like my hips/upper legs bow in or something... like they're turning inward. Weird, huh?

The other night my mom was working at the hospital while I was scrapbooking in Chelsea so I stopped in for a peek at Baby Barczak. The first image we saw of him was a wide open view of his... boy parts! They were clear as day, spread eagle. Crazy kid. He was also so cute practicing swallowing and sticking his tongue out. I can't wait to meet him!

24 Weeks

And... a progression so far....
Oh man... 12 weeks looks soo.... skinny. And I thought I was pudgy then. HA!