Tuesday, February 12, 2008

25w 4d

Just a random little update.

--Last night Porter and I took a trip to Westland (about an hour away) to pick up this:
Tracy, I believe, commented on my last post about finding a Sit n Stand at Burlington Coat Factory, so I checked out their website. Why did I travel an hour for technically the same stroller that I could have bought at my local Target? Well, it is tan. And my infant carseat is tan/black. And I'm anal and I want them to somewhat match. BCP is the only place I found that carries the "Vanilla Bean" color of this stroller. Everywhere else seems to have gray and red and silver. Not so hot with my tan/black carseat.

Porter seemed excited about the stroller. He wanted me to push him all around the store in the display model. We'll see how long his fascination lasts.

--This baby boy has been kicking and flipping and making all sorts of moves. He's an active one, that's for sure.

--I've been sleeping so lightly lately. I'm sooo not excited about that. I remember at the end end end of my pregnancy with Porter that I couldn't sleep, but I don't remember much about turning into a light sleeper at 25 weeks. Anyhow, it seems like every little noise wakes me up, and I often just wake up for the hell of it. I hate not getting a full nights sleep! And then Ryan gets up for work at 4:30am-ish, his alarm clock goes off and he gets OUT of bed, grabs his little battery operated alarm clock and climbs back IN bed (with the alarm clock in hand) and hits snooze and sleeps with the alarm clock until it goes off again. So, regardless of if I want to or not, I'm woken up around 4:30am every day, and then again when the snooze goes off. Grrr......

--I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow... I'll update then if there's anything exciting.

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heather said...

I had a horrible time sleeping my second time around... between my toddler and my heartburn and my being uncomfortable, and I'm not the best sleeper anyway, so it just wasn't happening.
Ask your dr about sleeping pills. I think I took Unisom most nights for almost my last three months. It helped a ton.