Wednesday, February 13, 2008

25week doctor's appointment

Well, this was by far the most depressing doctors appointment I've had thus far. Ok, I shouldn't be THAT dramatic... because everything with Baby is a-ok.


I stepped on the scale.

And even the nurse gasped and said "Oh! 10 lbs this month!"


When Dr. P walked in I had a sheepish grin, I'm sure, as he asked "What's that look for?" I told him I had gained a lot this month and he looked at the chart and said "Oh... well, as long as its not every month, but try to cut back a bit on the sweets and junk food."

My whole appointment we basically talked about my eating habits... errr lack of. I admitted I have a horrible sweet tooth and that I eat horribly. I told him he wouldn't believe how much ice cream I have eaten in the past month... I've eaten a mint milkshake at least 3-4 times a week. Some weeks, every night.

He says "That's what'll kill you... you can't be doing that!" Oh man. I tried to justify it that this acid reflux/throat burning was the culprit... milkshakes are the ONLY thing that makes it better. Kind of. Its just yummier than Tums or Pepcid LOL!

We did revisit my charts from Porter, as he tried to tell me I'd typically gain weight at the end. I told him with Porter I lost weight at the end, that or gained only a pound or two a month. He didn't believe me but when he looked at my charts he said "Yep, well, looks like you're following that same pattern... you had a few months in the middle that you gained a lot, but it tapered off at the end."

As of now, I'm about 5lbs ahead of what I was at this point in my pregnancy with Porter. I gained a total of 40lbs with him, topping out at 170ish. Today, I weighed in at 156. So, I need to chill it out or else I'll be blowing the charts away!

I went grocery shopping and I'm going to really try to eat better and not eat so many sweets. That's my problem... I indulge so much in sweets and I don't think a second thought about it. My philosophy is that pregnancy is my time to be big and fat. I'll never be one of those cute, petite pregnant girls, as my boobs make me look like a freaking football player. My entire torso, belly to neck, is like one big, rolly, lumpy mass. So, why not be happy and eat whatever. The weight can be lost afterwards.

Tomorrow for lunch I'm taking a tuna fish sandwich (good lord... is tuna in or out for pregnancies this year? I can't remember if its safe now or not.... the guidelines change every freaking day), carrots and peanut butter, Dannon light and fit yogurt and probably a granola bar. However... it is our Valentine's Day party at school so I'm sure I'll get my share of sweets HAHA!


Kim said...

I gained 10 lbs in one month with Max... actually it was less than a month. It was between 20 and 24 weeks. And I didn't gain at the end either. I'm surprised he said that about gaining at the end because with everything I've heard it's common to lose at the end?!? I'm sure you'll be fine. :)

Cass said...

I used to feel bad about this type of thing. BUT then my absolute love of emotionally charged reality tv shows like The Biggest Loser has taught me a valuable lesson. Salt + Water = Inflated "UNREAL" weight gain. And therefore does not "count". I'm willing to bet that you had something salty before or after your milkshakes...and you likely had some hydration....therefore it's not "real" weight. Anytime you need justification, I'm your girl. I can justify eating multiple cinnamon rolls this morning....and multiple means 1/2 the pan.

jenny cook said...

compared to what i was with tucker - you are a tiny little pregnant woman! i swelled up like a tick before i had tucker! the last appointment i had with the doctor before he was born (31 weeks) - i had gained 10 pounds. then in the next two weeks i probably gained another 10 pounds in 'unreal' water weight before i popped! i like cass's look on things.

oh, and your tuna sandwich sounds delish right now!

Anonymous said...

i think you're doing fine :) i gained about 50 with both, although i don't remember exactly "when". it's all a blur! enjoy what you can!

Mary said...

I gained 11 lbs in one month with my guy. Boy oh boy did I get a lecture from the Dr! It got better though once I shaped up. Don't make yourself too crazy over it. Good Luck :)

paullibjohnson said...

i think tuna is okay once a least that is what my doc told me!
ahh, the joys of stepping on the scale during pregnancy...not fun!

jane said...

Oh boy, the lecture from Dr. P about gaining too much weight. How about having gained the recommended 25-30 lbs when you still have 10 weeks to go? That would be me. Dr. P was pretty sure I was going to find a new doctor after that appt. It's a good thing he's cute. Basically your going to gain what your body wants you to gain. Mother nature knows what she's doing.