Saturday, February 9, 2008

Researching Baby Gear.... need opinions please

Luckily, with having another baby boy, we don't have too much stuff to have to purchase. The child has more clothes than he can possibly ever need.....

(these are just newborn and 0-3 month stuff!)

I feel like we've done nothing to prepare for this baby... its like we have nothing to do but sit and wait for him. I obviously have been trying to keep busy and occupied with getting his room together. And I've also been making lists of other baby gear that we will need now that we'll be dealing with two kids, rather than just one baby.

Here are some things I'm looking at buying, most are things we didn't have/use/need with Porter. If any of you moms have opinions/thoughts on them, please let me know!

Sit n Stand Stroller. Porter will only be 2yrs 3mos old when Baby Boy is born... he is definitely not ready to walk around the stores or go on walks with me without having a stroller. And, seeing I'll be home with the boys all summer- I will definitely not be sitting around home going stir crazy. I can't stand being cooped up in the house. Originally I was thinking of getting the One Step Ahead brand, but I just saw yesterday at Target that they have an all charcoal gray one for $119. Furthermore, OSA has a convertible double stroller that converts to the Sit n Stand. I thought about that one at first, but I think I'll forego that and just get the basic Sit n Stand. Porter listens well enough that I think he'll be ok on the bench seat. Does anyone have the Baby Trend one from Target? How do you like it? Pros/Cons? What about the One Step Ahead one? How do you like it? Pros/Cons?

Hotslings Wrap/Sling: I have a sling that my aunt bought me when I had Porter and it was useful for while around the house. However, I found it to be very bulky on the shoulders (its really padded) and I want to try something a little more "sleek" (if carrying a baby can be sleek HAHA!). Target now has one pattern of Hotslings at the store and it folds up SO small. I could put it in the diaper bag easily, and take up no more room than a diaper or two. I am not sure if using a wrap will be more or less useful with having a 2 year old to chase around, but I'm thinking there might be situations that it'd be helpful. There are a million different wraps out there, and I'm not sure which ones are the best. Anyone have any opinions? I've heard of the Maya Wraps, Kangaroo Korner, Peanut Shell, etc etc. I guess my #1 feature I want is lightweight, not bulky, and small enough to throw in a diaper bag. I would love input/advice on selecting a wrap if any of you have used them or tried any of these brands.

Speaking of diaper bags... I'm in the market for a new diaper bag. Right now I just throw a couple diapers and a baggy of wipes in my over sized (aka... enormous) purse... bag... luggage tote. I like big purses. With Porter I used a corduroy messenger bag from Target, which I still use when he goes to the sitters. However, I think with 2 kids I might need/want something a little more structured to keep things organized. I want something cool and stylish, but practical. Is that too much to ask for? I've heard good things about the Pottery Barn Ultimate Diaper Bag, but I'm hesitant to spend $60 on a diaper bag! Any opinions on that? I've also browsed Target (luuuv Target!) and found a few that I like there as well... just not sure about ordering online and paying shipping if I hate the bag, kwim?

I think we also might get the Bumbo Play Tray. We loved our Bumbo (and Porter still loves it!), and the tray wasn't out on the market when P was little. I think it might come in handy. Does anyone have this and use it?

Bathtime: With Porter, we had a baby tub and I hated using it. I gave it to Leslie I think. It was easier and more convenient for us to bathe him in the kitchen sink. I bought one of those spongy bathtub pads and just leaned that up against the back of the sink and put him in there. We have since thrown the spongy thing away since it was, well, a sponge. I was thinking about trying one of these. Has anyone used one a bath sling? Did it work well until the baby could sit up alone in the tub/sink? We need/want something that can fold up skinny, or be thrown in a small closet. We have a tiny house, and space is limited!

Bouncer: I've been thinking of maybe maybe buying a new bouncer. Just so that I have something new for this baby to use. The bouncer we used with Porter was a hand me down from someone... and its pretty no frills. Not sure if it even has vibrate or music. I am clueless when it comes to selecting one of these. One of my clients actually had a really cool one that jiggled and wiggled with the slightest of movement, seemed very soothing and almost gliding like. I haven't found it online at all, so I might have to email her to find out where they got it. Anyhow, here is the one I was looking at. I also like the Papasan one as well, but not sure about the size and how long the baby would enjoy sitting in it.

So... those are the only things I've been able to think of that might be useful for a second child. Do any of you moms of 2+ kids have any baby items that you found to be lifesavers when going from a singlet to a duo? Please share!

Other than that, we'll just be stocking up on diapers, diapers diapers. Fun stuff.


Katie said...

Okay....well, as you know I'm also in the market for a few of these things as well.

So, as for the stroller: I like the one step ahead brand...not that the Target one is worse(I really didn't even read into the descritpion too much), but the other one had all of those conversion options for the seating. I love it, I think I might look into purchasing that one as well, when I actually get motivated.

Bouncer: Well, I bought a good one that had the vibrating and message option, but Donnie never even liked his, I would just say whatever is the cheapest. Though, who knows your kid may LOVE it.?

Slings: glad you asked about this, I wanna know too that is something I NEED to order immediately! I never had one with Donnie, but with this one comming in the summer, I'm also looking for a light-weight less bulky sling. I think, I heard the Kangaroo Korner ones were good...not sure where I heard that?

Diaper Bags: I just got a new one from Pottery Barn...the Diaper Tech. one, the one that Leslie that it? I dunno, but I'm really happy with it, it's not very bulky which I like a lot, but it might not be quite big enough for the two boys. Hmmmm? I'll have too wait & see.

Okay, I better quit, this is becoming VERY lengthy!

Michelle Leigh said...

Well, as far as strollers go, I have the duoglider. Annika was only 18 months when B was born so it worked really well. Now she's old enough to walk, and has been for some while so Bianca and the new baby will be in the stroller.

Sling: well, I've never found one I really have liked. My friend borrowed me her really light weight and portable baby bjorn that she loved, so I'm going to give that one a try.

Diaper bags, I have a million of them and I just use whatever one has stuff in it! Sorry, no help there

Bouncer, I have the papasan and Bianca lived in that thing for her first 4 months. Seriously, that's the only thing she slept in. It vibrates, or vibrates and plays music and it is really comfy for baby. I have 2 others that I used as well, but this was by far my fave. I know boppy has a similar one that is a little more advanced. I'd recommend that one too.

Bathtime, I've used our baby bath with both kids and I loved it, so again, no help there.

Good luck!

jessica said...

i love to chime in on baby products. i have a TON of stuff that was just not really ever used... not because there was anything wrong with them, just an over abundance and a lot of products are the baby's preference... like bouncers. i have the same one you are looking at (the jungle fisher price one) -- if you email me i can send you pics... you can have them for the price of shipping : ) i've been dying to get some of this out of my house. everything is barely, gently, or not at all used. i just didn't have a bouncer baby.

i don't have any opininos on strollers for stand/sit... i also had that heavily padded sling, probably the same one you have, and not that impressed. i did use the baby bjorn which both me and my daughter LOVED. facing both ways.

bathtime - i also just used a foam pad in the kitchen sink. cheapest way to do it. now that she's a sitter, i just have a plastic liner that goes in the bottom of a tub that i cut and put on the bottom of the sink. it's worked great so far, although i think pretty soon she'll be too fat for the sink : ) with my older son after the sink i moved him into a rubbermaid bin in the big tub. now is that ghetto? ha.
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tracy said...

We have the Baby Trend sit and stand stroller that I purchased at Burlington Coat Factory...I LOVE it!! It's very easy to use and is perfect for the baby and our middle son who just turned three. I would recommend it and I'm so glad we got it! With a push of a button it folds right up and there is a little lever to secure it shut...very simple to do. Go for it :)

Zoe said...

i would have died without my hotsling and my double stroller.
i tried the tub sling and hated it. i always just used the big yellow sponge.
i bought a cute messenger type bag at target the other day. black swiss army brand i think. just simple, practical lots of pockets.

Denise said...

I have the Pottery Barn diaper bag and the only part I use is the changing pad. I HATE the rest of it.

I have wanted to try one of the slings - I have heard nothing but good about them.

Bumbo tray - it doesn't stay on really well, but it works great while they are younger. Loved it!

maria said...

I have the sit-n-stand stroller from Target and LOVE it!!! (I just wish it had 1 more seat=)

jane said...

I've been meaning to post on this, it took me a while. This is the sort of thing I obsess about. Baby stuff!

Bouncer: The Fisher Price Papasan one is not very good. Very boring for baby and uncomfortable. My mom has the Fisher Price bobblin band bouncer, Grace thought it was super fun. I also have heard the Boppy one is good.

Slings: Baby Bjorn active carrier is good. Also, there is a new one where you can carry the baby on your back or front even as a newborn called the Beco Butterfly. It is sold out in every color so I am waiting to order that.

Swing: You must get the Fisher Price Papasan Nature Swing. It is a lifesaver! It rocks both directions, plays music, has a mobile. Grace lived in that thing.

Diaper Bags: I have an aunt with three boys inder the age of 5. She uses one of those Lands End totes. They have lots of room and you can get them personalized. I use a Vera Bradley Tote that is perfect size and they have a really cute pattern that is blue, teal, and brown that you would love.

Sara Luke said...

My sling for Jack was from and I loved it. It was really lightweight (and REALLY inexpensive) which was perfect for the summer, but they have thicker, warmer ones too. It was pretty simple and I can still carry him (all 25 lbs of him) in it on my back or hip. It's reversible, too! We also used a bjorn, but I'll probably spring for a Beco if we're lucky enough to have a second child. I didn't discover those until four or five months ago.

My baby tub had a sling insert and I loved it. It was hard to know how to bathe Jack once he was too big for it!