Sunday, January 13, 2008

20 Week Appointment

Friday we had our ultrasound. Everything looked just fine with Baby Boy Barczak. He wasn't too wiggly during the scan but he did kick me pretty good a few times. The new machine also does 3D and 4D and the tech tried to do a 3D at the end but by then our stubborn little guy had changed position and was all nestled in and she couldn't get that good of a picture of his face. She said if we come back later for a scheduled ultrasound she'd try again, and that later on the pictures are much better as right now they just look very skeletal (which he did). I am not really hoping for another ultrasound scheduled by my doctor as that would only mean that something was going wrong. I think at maybe my 28 week appointment I'll ask the midwife if she'd let me sneak in for another scan.

Anyhow, I do have a few pictures that the put on DVD, although none of them that great. I'll have to go see my mom in a few weeks to get some better pictures. She also put a short video clip on there as well but the video is not near as long as Porter's video (on VHS).

His face. you can see the

Leg... foot to the right and pointing down

So... whats the rundown of pregnancy things going on thus far?
  • I've had a couple bouts with acid reflux. I had NO idea what the hell was wrong with me as I'd be sitting there minding my own business and all of a sudden I had acidy steam and liquid in the back of my throat that made me start coughing because my throat burned and itched so bad. That lead to a non-stop barfing of everything and anything I had in my stomach. Weird thing is, I didn't feel sick at all. Its only happened twice, both evenings after I ate summer sausage, cheese and crackers for lunch.
  • I gained SEVEN pounds in the past 4 weeks. NICE! So, if I go from my first appt weight of 130lbs I've gained a total of 18lbs so far. EWWW. I guess thats not horrible for 20weeks but still...
  • Still no resolve on the name. I am actually kind of thinking it'd be fun to take a few names to the hospital and name him once we see him. But I'm freaked that I'd be just as stumped and torn between names that we'd end up being threatened to name him or else we couldn't leave the hospital. Which, with my indecisiveness would probably lead to us just living at the hospital HAHA!
  • My due date was confirmed as May 23rd. I was all confused as my very first ultrasound dated me with a June 1st due date, which is what the doctors had been going by. May 23rd matches up with my LMP, though, and their "official" ultrasound confirmed it.


Anonymous said...

The nitrates in processed meat were a huge contributer to acid refulx and heartburn with both my previous pregnancies . . . I cannot remember the last time I had a hot dog and didn't regret it an hour later!

We took a very short list to the hospital with us - and as soon as we looked at our son we knew he was a Cooper, but I don't know if that works for everyone.

Not too shabby on the weight gain - it always seems to be more than anybody wants, but if it means a healthy, happy baby, then every pound is worth it!

heather said...

We weren't decided on names for either of our kids going in to the hospital. Savannah was decided on pretty much right when we saw her... funny thing was, Savannah wasn't even on our final list!
Sawyer, we had a harder time with (I think because we were both still in shock that he was a boy) and we were torn between two names all night. He actually wasn't officially named until the morning when he was about 10 hours old.
In the end, I love them both (the names I mean, not the kids... obviously I love the kids!) and think they fit my kids so perfectly.

You won't be "trapped" in the hospital with a no name baby, by the way. I hope you were joking and know that you don't have to name them there. My little sister came home without a name actually. Although I can't imagine not having named your baby after holding them for two whole days!!

I'm sure you'll have a perfect peace about a name, whether it's before you see that sweet little boy, or when you meet him face to face. (But in those pictures, he sure looks like a Sullivan! haha!)

Denise said...

Cute u/s pics. I know it's way to early to tell, but I think his mouth looks like Porters.

Michelle Leigh said...

I would have a hard time not having a name, but that's just me. Be spontaneous, it may be fun! I'm glad everything looks good.

I had terrible reflux with Annika. Anything triggered it, even water. It was horrible. I was on a prescription for it and that didn't even work all that well. Just avoid anything remotely acidic, soda is terrible too.

Is Porter excited about his little brother? How fun.