Friday, January 4, 2008

Names names names

Well, we (or, should I say *I*) am still in debate over the baby's name. I'm actually considering waiting until he's born to decide. But, my only fear is as depicted in my crazy dream last night... I'd be completely stumped on what to name him and come up with something delusional like Elvis.

Ryan is completely set on Hudson Oliver. I'm not. While I've loved the name Hudson for the past 2 years (it was "runner up" for Porter), I just don't know.... I'm just not sure.

While in St. Louis we all tossed around name ideas, in which I shot down a ton of them before the last sound of it even came out of the suggester's mouth. What can I say... I know what I like LOL!

Some of my criteria, because I have criteria:
  • Can't start with a B (I don't care for same letter first/last names)
  • Can't start with the "ar" sound as in Barczak
  • Can't end with "ack" sound like in Barczak
  • Can't end with "er" like Porter
Hmm... I felt like I had more criteria than that.

So, some of the names that are currently on our "posibility" list are:
  1. Hudson
  2. Sullivan (new one, and one of my fav's!)
  3. Pierce (although my love for this is waning)
  4. Gibson
  5. Grant
  6. Madden (same as Pierce... not feelin' it so much)
Now, let me give you some background on Sullivan. I can't remember who suggested it... Heather or I. But, I love it! However, Ryan is totally against it because we once had a cat for ohh... a few months... whose name was Sullivan. We got him from the shelter when we bought this house (5 1/2 years ago) and a few months after we got him we let him be an indoor/outdoor cat. He was neutered but we didn't have a collar for him. He disappeared for awhile, and then showed up one night with a collar and nametag/phone number. His new home was one block over and his new name was Dexter. So, technically, his name is Dexter.

Anyhow... for some odd reason I'm all into our pet names for kid names. I liked Reese for a girl, and we had a dog named Reese up until I was pregnant with Porter. And, now I love Sullivan.

So, what are your thoughts on names? Would the history behind Sullivan make you hate it?


heather said...

Out of those top names you listed, Sullivan is definitely my favorite. I wouldn't be bothered with the fact that you had a cat named Sullivan. Obviously, you weren't all that attached to him and you didn't even have him for very long five years ago... soooo, I think such a great name deserves to be used on someone a lot more fun and better looking than an old cat! haha!

Out of those names, Gibson would probably be my second choice. I think it's the most uncommon out of the rest of them and very little boy cute as well as grown man mature.

Denise said...

Good names, Nicole! I really, really, really love Gibson. I would name one of my kids Gibson, but I think they would hate me forever since their full name would be Gibson Gibb - haha! My second choices would be Hudson and Grant, with Sullivan coming in #3.

MacKenzie Leigh said...

I love the name Sullivan and Gibson both. Just because they can't really be shortened into a nickname.

I like the sounds of putting Pierce as a middle name with either of those first names too.

LeeAnn said...

I really like the name Hudson and your new one Sullivan. Mackenzie had a great idea for using Pierce for a middle name. It sounds great to break up the 2-syllable first and last names.

Lina said...

I like both Gibson & Sullivan! I agree with everyone that they are both pretty uncommon names & sound nice for a child & for an adult as well.

Kelly Malloy said...

I like all of those names - I don't think the fact that you had a cat for a few months should factor in the decision on a name.

Michelle Leigh said...

Hmmm, I think my faves are Hudson and Madden. Good luck, it's tough. I think I'm with your hubby though, I can't do names that were given to animals that I know. It would remind me all the time of a dog, or whatnot!

Zoe said...

i like sullivan...but people may call him sully or scully....hmm.

Amy said...

I forget whose Blog I mentioned it, but Chase was originally my cat's name and I named my youngest son that anyway. I like Hudson. It reminds me of Oliver Hudson, the actor.

It'll be funny to have to explain to Chase where his name came from one day, but if it's a nice name it shouldn't matter. It's not as if I'd name another child after my other cat, Xanax. ;P