Friday, January 4, 2008


I've had a few weird pregnancy dreams during this pregnancy but never wrote them down. Last night I had a dream that I had the baby early. I don't remember the details but I somehow was at the hospital, had the baby in a super short, painless delivery (HA! I wish!) and Dr. Robertson, my family doctor, was the one who delivered him (another ha ha!). Oddly, even though born at ohh... 19 weeks gestation... he was totally fine and had a ton of thick, black hair. My mom came to the hospital and we left with him to go get dinner with my aunt (OMG too crazy!). And I never cleared it with the hospital... just left with him. Then I returned him, but then *I* left and went to hang out with friends, go to the park with some kids I don't remember who they were, went to some kind of gym or something where I had to take a shower and use a towel that was hanging on the rack because I didn't have one. And then last, Heather, Katie and two other people I don't recognize (or remember, at least) were sitting on Heather's couch and just chatting. I mentioned that all I could think to name the baby was "Elvis". Katie says that she still calls her son Donnie "Otto" (pronounced "oh-toe" tee hee!!) and that before he was born she had two bottles... one that said "Otto" and one that had some girls name on it and then they decided to name him Donnie when he was born.

Ok, how is that for weird! HAHA!


Lina said...

Oh! I'm sure the stories could go on for days about pregnancy dreams! I had so many dreams that seemed real! I woke up once frantic because I was so sure that I had not had 1 but 2 children & couldn't find the other twin?? Emily was sound asleep in her basinett & I looked out in the living room & saw our bird's cage covered up with a sheet & was convinced in my sleepy stupor that it was another basinett & was freaking out because it looked like an empty basinett! I just kept saying 'where's the other one?' Until I finally realized it was some crazy post-birth dream!

When I was pregnant though... they were wild!

Michelle Leigh said...

I don't generally have dreams about the baby. But I did once and he was born at 36 weeks and he weighed 8lbs 14oz. That was the craziest thing, so now I think he's going to be monstrous when he comes! I'm scared...