Friday, January 25, 2008

23 Week Update

Wow, I've kind of ditched the blog for awhile, huh? It just seems like there's not much to update right now. Its the "Second Trimester Honeymoon" kind of thing.... I really kind of love this stage of pregnancy. Most days I think "I could totally do this again. I LOOOOVE pregnancy." But I know in a few months I'll be miserable, and if I do ever get pregnant again I'll be cursing my stupid idea to do so for the first 12-14 weeks.

The baby is moving around a lot now, and his kicks and jabs are getting stronger and stronger every day. I love it. Ryan was able to feel him kicking last night for the first time. I've started to notice the baby (gotta get him a name.... sheesh!) get active right after I eat a lot of times.

Other than some icky acidy-reflux going on, everything else is doing a-ok. So far my hips and back and shoulders and neck aren't hurting too badly. I do have little spells of a painful/limpy hip, but ususally if I stretch or go to the chiropractor it straightens out and I'm feeling better. I hope that if I keep up regular weekly chiro visits I won't have the hip pains that I had with Porter (even though I did very regular chiro visits when I was pregnant with Porter).

I started buying up diapers yesterday. I figured if I had coupons I should start stocking up on some packs. I opened a pack of newborn diapers and those things are SOOO tiny! I can't wait to have another little itty bitty one around here, but then some days I think "I am so not ready for this!"

We're still undecided on names. I have it narrowed down to 2 names. Ryan, not so many LOL! He's pretty set. I have my reasons for each name... one I feel is "safe"... that everyone will pretty much like, but I have a feeling it'll catch on and become somewhat trendy. The other I feel like it'd be much more original, and that's really what I'm wanting in a name. I *love* when people say about Porter's name "Oh, that's such a neat name! I've never heard it before!" and thats what I want for this baby too. However, Ryan doesn't particularly care for my "more original" name.

I've been contemplating/debating/deciding on breastfeeding. I know I technically really don't have to decide right now, but I don't want to do what happened with Porter and pump/nurse for 5 days and then stop and have prolonged and encouraged my milk to come in full force. I have pros and cons for each. I don't particularly agree with the "children are smarter and healthier when breastfed" because Porter is a very smart little boy and is quite healthy. My main reason for wanting to breastfeed is mainly not spending money on formula and for the experience. But, I really like the convenience and freedom that bottle feeding gives me (I always feel bad for bf'ing moms who don't get help at nightly feedings, or can't leave their baby for more than a few hours... oh no... I really neeeeeed those things). I guess my #1 main holdup is my boobs. I'll be straight up with you... I was just looking for a 36DDDD (yes, 4 D's) bra the other day online. And I know when my milk comes in they'll be even larger. And I just can't deal with boobs like this. That is the one thing I want to go back to normal ASAP after I deliver. My freak show boobs. They're heavy and they hurt my back and neck and I just don't see how I could possibly dress in normal, non-baggy-t-shirt clothes if I have DDDD+ boobs all sumer. If someone could guarantee that once I got into a nursing groove that my boobs would go back to normal (WHILE NURSING), I'd probably try again. But I don't think anyone can do that.

I skipped out on my 20 week belly picture. I totally forgot about it. Well, no... I remembered, I was just too lazy to set up the tripod. I will do one next week at 24 weeks.


Annie said...

Nicole - I have two children both breastfeed. Both watched by family or childcare while I am at work. So both needed bottles. I have found by introducing bottles at 4 weeks, no earlier, to work well as far as having others feed them when needed and me still being able to nurse. Also, when you are with them you don't have to go through the hassle of bottles, do I have formula ect.. the milk is always there. I do know though that it is a personal choice and is not for everyone. If it is not good for your family situation, but you are doing it because you feel like you have to the baby will pick up on that and it will not be good for either of you. Breastfeeding, though natural, is hard work. It takes time for you and the baby to learn and get the hang of things. Maybe try it out for a few weeks and see what you think : )

Annie said...
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beanski said...

Pregnancy is tricky. When I'm not pregnant, I want to be and when I'm pregnant I don't want to be. Glad you hear you are doing well and feeling good.

My boobs are (roughly) the same size as they were before I got pregnant and I'm still nursing. It took 2-3 weeks for them to even out and not feel ENGORGED all of the time and go back to just regular old boobs that make milk when prompted. Breastfeeding is a very personal decision and is a HUGE committment. I love it somedays and adamantly hate it somedays. Do it for your own reasons if you're going to do it...not because someone told you that you should. Your kid will be healthy and intelligent regardless, I can almost guarantee that :)

Anonymous said...

Both of my kids were exclusively breastfed, but I agree with Annie - introducing a bottle and supplementing with formula are a great way to keep a little more independence and freedom (I really wish I had taken that advice!) I found the breast to be easier for our particular situation, but know that that is not the case for every mom out there - give it a try, and if it works, great! If not, at least you gave it a shot and you won't be left wondering. As a note, breastfeeding #2 ended-up being great bonding time with #1 - she could go to town for as long as she wanted while Cooper and I snuggled and read stories or watched a movie.

I know how you feel on the name game - I feel like we hit the jackpot on Cooper and Maren (unique without being too out there), and am already fretting over what we are going to name #3! If you have a name you like, use it! No one liked Cooper when we threw it out as one of our considerations, but now that he is here, everyone agrees that the name is perfect for him.

Hope you continue to feel good!

Amy said...

If you go to eBay and look for bras in 36G it'll end up being less expensive but more comfortable for you. (DD=E, DDD=F, and so on...) I was larger than you are right now AFTER my first two kids. That's when I had reduction. So, I feel your pain and annoyance.

As for one wants their kids to have boring names and no one wants their kids names to be strange. Finding a name that's in the middle of those two extremes is the problem sometimes. ;)

Michelle Leigh said...

Hey Nicole, I didn't breastfeed either of my girls and have decided to not breastfeed this one at all. It's a choice I made and really I won't justify it to anyone. Both of my girls are very healthy, no allergies, smart, etc. Make the choice that's right for you and don't worry about what others say or feel. It's not them who will be providing that service anyway.

Most days I hate pregnancy and know I will not do it again. But, with Bianca, I felt different. It wasn't all that fun at the end, but I knew I would do it again. This time around, hell no! I am done. It's a hard decision to make though, I'll tell you that!

Sara Luke said...

Breastfeeding and I have a love/hate relationship.

It took 6 - 7 months for my breasts returned to a normal size. I gained A LOT of weight with my pregnancy and I really do credit breastfeeding for helping me lose so much of it (but unfortunately, not all of it). The biggest mistake I made was telling myself before Jack was born that I was going to breastfeed for a year. I really should have started by saying, "I'll do this for a month" and then "I'll do this for 3 months." You know . . . setting attainable goals. When you're in your first week of breastfeeding and you're trying to imagine doing it for a year, it's pretty daunting.

Despite all of the work involved, I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. The best book I read (and I read a lot of books) is called "So That's What Those Things Are For!" It has all of the information of other breastfeeding books, but it's a lot more entertaining. Just a warning though . . . the first few chapters do lay down a "breastfeeding guilt trip." If you can get past that, it's really helpful and informative.

Seriously, why do are many advocates of breastfeeding nazis about it?

I know I'm commenting a lot tonight . . . I can't sleep so I'm catching up on blogs!