Sunday, March 2, 2008

28 Weeks

Not much exciting going on here. So far this pregnancy has been pretty uneventful, thankfully.

Hudson has been moving around like a madman. He's very active and kids and twists and turns all the time.

I'm getting so excited to meet him. I, oddly, keep getting so excited to go into labor (obviously, not anytime soon, though) and to experience all that again. Not that I look forward to the pain and all the horror that goes along with labor/delivery, but just to have those first two days with a new person in our life and everything is so... new... and exciting (ok, and exhausting and painful and stressful and emotional...). But then I get so sad thinking about the end of this pregnancy. I know how fast time has gone by with Porter and how you blink and they change. I know it'll go by even faster with Hudson as we'll have two little boys to keep up with. I just want to soak it all up as much as I can and remember every little thing about them.

I need to do my 28 week belly pictures today and post them. I'm not feeling awfully huge, but my boobs... ugh... Porter put my bra on his head and let's just say one cup fit his head like a hat. I'm carrying an 'almost' newborn in my belly and two 2-year old heads on my chest. Isn't that lovely?

Today I want to organize Hudson's room a little more. Right now its looking like a storage/catch all room. I'd like to have it look a little less like that and a little more like a nursery waiting for a special little guy to arrive. We'll see how far I get on that task today.


jenny said...

'...two 2-year old heads on my chest.' omg - died laughing when i read that. poor girl!

Cass said...

This is TOO funny - I've documented the horror that is the dramatic increase in boobage size. My husband saw them up close last night and he said "Don't you think those will scare a little baby?" And I think he's right.

jessica said...

those are some big knockers! can't say i had that problem, i would have liked to keep mine a while at their "fullest" size actually... but then get rid of them. anyhow, take some belly pics!

Michelle Leigh said...

Can't wait to see the pics! My boobs aren't that bad, but my belly is monstrous! It's getting painful. Luckily I only have 2 1/2 weeks left. Holy crap, that sounds like no time at all! Crazy. I can't wait to meet Hudson too. He will be such a sweetie!

jane said...

You crack me up! I love your pregnancy rants. I can so relate.