Saturday, March 15, 2008

30 Week Appointment

I had a doctor's appointment on Thursday... quickest one I've ever had! Dr. P was on his way up to L&D so he was kind of in a rush. Luckily, everything this pregnancy has been a-ok so far so I didn't have much to meet with him about.

Here's the quick low-down:

-I managed to ONLY gain 3lbs last month! WOO HOO!
-Hudson's heartbeat was 150bpm... although he was quite the squirmer and kicker and Dr. P had a hard time keeping him in one spot to measure his hb. He ended up having to push on one side of my stomach to "trap" him in one spot and "hold" him still.
-I measured 29weeks
-I start going every 2 weeks now! Oh my gosh.. that's so weird. Just 10 more weeks to go! Although, honestly, I'm hoping for only 8 more weeks.... I dread that last month. UGH.

That's about it... kind of a boring update! But, I guess that's better than something being wrong :)


Denise said...

I'm happy to hear everything is good with Mr. Hudson. You are just about done! How exciting! I am already going every 3 weeks - isn't that crazy?

afacer said...

So funny that we are due so close to each other. I've enjoyed reading your blog!! I'm hoping you only have 8 weeks left as well!