Friday, March 7, 2008

Ritalin, anyone?

Mr. Hudson is quite the active child. He is all over the last few days... kicking and turning and poking every part of my insides. I can barely sit down without having to pee- even if I just went pee minutes before. And I swear it feels like he's kicking at my crotch. OUCH. Sometimes when he moves it feels like he's trying to scrape his way out, and his stretches are getting very uncomfortable. I remember at the end of my pregnancy with Porter (end being... 36weeks +) being super uncomfortable and having Porter stretch out and it being unbearably painful. If Hudson is already causing uncomfortableness and scratching at only 29 weeks... I'm scared for the end of this pregnancy!!

I went to Target today and bought two new shirts and some accessories to wear with them. I want to have something somewhat cute for Chicago-- I'm going to be the only preggo there who is hobbling around with bozo boobs and a round midsection, so I figured I'd better have at least 2 semi-cute outfits on hand to wear to boost my self esteem somewhat. Not that maternity clothes are all that cute, especially when your boobs take up as much room in the shirts as your belly does. I'm not sure what SHOES to wear in Chicago... I can't wear low shoes with any of my jeans- they're all too long and I don't care to have them hemmed as I mainly wear wedge heels all the time. But... I'm not sure wearing wedge heels all day walking in Chicago will be all that comfortable especially being 32 weeks pregnant!


Michelle Leigh said...

I hear ya on the kicking/rolling/punching... This kid is brutal. He is everywhere, all the time! It hurts sometimes. It's been like this for at least a month too. I'm hoping that since he's getting bigger, he'll chill out, but I doubt it! Glad you got some new clothes. I don't even bother anymore. I'm waiting to buy "thin" clothes. I seriously can't wait!

Zoe said...

oh please girl. you are one of the best lookin pregnant women i have ever seen. heels for shopping? um no. i went to chicago 8 months pregnant with ava...slid my shoes off on the bus and couldn't get them back on!

jane said...

HAHAHA "Bozo boobs"!I actually laughed out loud when I read that. At the end of my pregnancy I literally had two shirts and one pair of maternity pants that still fit. Why do some women get "blessed" with the boobs and some don't? Weird.