Monday, March 31, 2008

T Minus 7.5 Weeks

These past few weeks have been uncomfortable and painful. I'm so so so ready to just have Hudson here and have our little family of four all together. I'm ready to get back to somewhat normal... to have my body back to myself.

I just got back from a trip to Chicago with some girlfriends and while the trip was a great time, I really couldn't enjoy it as much as I wanted as I was hobbling around with painful hips and I was tired and uncomfortable and stretched feeling. I've gotten to that point where my lungs just don't feel like they hold as much air. I feel like there's pressure on my lungs and bladder all the time. My hips have been out of whack for a few weeks now, and just in the past week sciatic nerve pain has been added to my SI joint pain. If I pivot my legs/hips I feel either a stabbing pain in my upper hip/lower back or a sharp tingling nerve pain down my leg. Neither are fun.

I have an appointment tomorrow and I'm going in before to do my glucose test. I still haven't had that done! I figure, though, that I haven't felt weird after eating or anything like that so I'm sure everything should be ok.

I've decided I won't be attempting to breastfeed with Hudson. I was really gung ho on BF'ing with Porter and it ended up not working out (because of my migraines... P wouldn't latch, pumping was increasing severity of my migraines and I was just not well...) and I had really thought I'd try again this time. However, as selfish as this sounds... I have GOT to get rid of these G sized boobs. Its affecting my self esteem and I know it'll only be worse after having Hudson. I just need to get back to semi-normal ASAP. I feel a bit like a failure and a selfish person, but I just can't imagine these boobs once my milk comes in. Right now they're as large as they were when my milk came in with Porter. So... can you imagine? Sick.

I've been browsing a few online places for one piece outfits for Hudson for this summer. I'm not quite sure how to dress a newborn in the summer! I am not a big fan of "just onesies" as clothes (same with wearing sleepers 24/7) and in the summer there just are not that many clothing options for newborns- other than onesies. While I have plenty of onesies to last him until the end of summer, I'd like to have some one-piece outfits that he can wear as well (when I mentioned this to Leslie and Maria yesterday at the outlet mall, both of their mouths dropped open... I am also not a big fan of one piece outfits at all either...). So... I found a few cute outfits at Gap that I like. I am going to keep an eye out for them to go on sale. If anyone happens to notice them on sale, shoot me an email. :)


Michelle Leigh said...

I like the first 2 outfits, the last one not so much. I do love one piece outfits though, not tank ones, but full body ones. I have a ton for Bennett (winter ones). Who knows how I'll dress him this summer. The girls are easy, they can wear cute one piece outfits that have little dressses on them.

As far as the bf'ing goes, I wouldn't worry too much. I didn't bf this one at all and I feel great. I don't regret my decision and am happy I made the right choice. Don't do it if it's not right for you. Your baby will be healthy and that's all that matters.

kimca01 said...

That's so funny - Maggie and I were just "talking" about this today via email! Trey was a Nov baby and Morgan was Sept and we are totally confused about the logistics and the whole summer thing. We don't have a/c here (only the malls), it never gets scorching hot but warm enough that I don't know what to put her in at night! And what if she likes being swaddled like Morgan? Yikes!

I do have tons of cute dresses and things for the daytime though. I'm like you - sleepers and just onesies are for sleeping, I like to dress my kids. I remember when Morgan started daycare at 11 months and some of the moms would bring their babies (who were around a year) in a sleeper. I was like umm... did they bring other clothes for them to wear too??!! LOL

I'm totally not sure what I'm going to do about the breastfeeding thing. I honestly don't enjoy it - I stuck it out (with supplementing) for a month for Morgan and this time, if I do it, it will be with supplementing too. I can't see myself lasting long - it's too hard on my back having even bigger boobs. You know I feel your pain on that, it's freaking ridiculous even the size they are now! When this one is 2, I'm planning on a reduction - I can get it covered by my medical plan but I have to wait as you can't lift anything over 5lbs for a while.

Cass said...

I was struggling with this outfit situation as well - will the little dresses be enough clothing? Time will tell. This boob thing has got to stop - the idea of these suckers getting bigger when baby girl comes makes me want to cry.

jessica said...

don't feel guilty about the bf'ing. do what works for you, nicole :)

jane said...

I love one piece outfits! You can get cute little man ones with the polo collar and Hudson will be styling. They are so nice on newborns because they don't ride up.

Anonymous said...

Those Gap outfits are so cute! I had last year's version of the first one there for Ryan last summer when he was a newborn. I had him in one piece outfits all the time. Like someone else mentioned- they're super nice because they don't ride up, and you only have to wrestle with getting one piece of clothing on the baby, instead of two:)