Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Article about "Overreacting"

I'm sure those of you who chat with me (or those who read this blog) will probably at some point or another think "OMG CHILL OUT... you are SO overreacting."

True, true. I'm super paranoid that at any moment this pregnancy will be over. Whats the old saying... Once bitten twice shy? I've experienced loss and it sucks. I'm afraid to get too excited and it all be over as quickly as it started.

Anyhow... back to my title... I found an article on the May 2008 Expecting Board about how society/articles/magazines tend to make EVERY part of pregnancy SO high risk, when in fact it really isn't as risky as we all think. Made me feel a teensy bit better.

Still haven't let my guard down. This baby is still, in essence, a little fleck of cells.

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Denise said...

I loved that article. So, so true.