Friday, September 21, 2007

Telling Aunt Lori and Nina & Papa

This afternoon I met Lori and the girls at the Chelsea Treehouse to play. I had Porter wear his shirt in and once we arrived we realized Lori and the girls were in the bathroom. So, we headed over there and waited outside the door. She opened the door and Porter started crying (weird kid. He always cries when he sees her). She just laughed, I said hi to the girls and she said hi to Porter. She didn't notice the shirt. Then I said... "Did you see his shirt?" She read it and said "Are you really!?!" I'm so excited to add another little one to our clan of cousins. So so fun.

And... Ry's parents are out of town until Sunday. They left the day we found out we were pregnant, so we haven't had a chance to tell them. We were going to wait and use the shirt (gotta get use out of that $7 shirt HAHA!), but tonight Ry says "Lets just call my parents"

We had Porter rehearse his part. We called Nina and Papa's cell phone and then gave the phone to Porter.

He says "Big Brother!" (errr... "Beeg Budder!!)

They didn't catch it. He says it again. And again. And again. Finally, Ry says "Porter says that if you bring something back, make sure you bring something for big brother and his baby sister or brother"

THEN Dave caught on (it was just his dad on the phone). Then we went through the whole P saying "Big Brother" process again with Cathy. Cute.

So, our close family knows now. Our close friends know. So excited to share this with everyone, and hoping and praying in 9 months we'll be sharing our new little one with everyone.

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Lori said...

I'm so happy for you guys and very excited to have another niece or nephew (hopefully it won't cry at me, Mr. Porter :) )...Congrats!