Saturday, September 15, 2007

Telling "Damma"

Ideally, we'd be telling both of our parents this weekend, however, Ryan's parents are out of town until next week. So, we're starting out by telling my mom. I tried to think of something creative, but really... how creative can you be with telling the news? Frankly, I don't have the braincells to come up with something thats actually unique (btw... those of you who DO know the scoop... if you have a creative idea, toss me a bone and maybe I'll do something new with Ry's parents). '

Anyhow, I made this shirt for Porter... $3 shirt from WalMart, $3 iron ons... voila!

My mom was stopping by today to drop off a movie (Wild Hogs) for Ry and I to watch tonight. I put the shirt on Porter and waited for her to stop by.

When she walked in, Porter -of course- went to pick up the silo to his barn and proceeded to carry that around in front of his shirt for a few minutes. I just sat there, heart pounding, willing him to put the damn thing down so I could get the excitement over with!

He finally put it down and started playing with the animals with my mom.

For like TEN FREAKING MINUTES! For nearly 10 minutes she named ever darn animal in his silo, and made the noises and laughed with him and even POKED HIS BELLY with the cow! Then she started blowing bubbles with him.

I sat there, biting my cheek... "READ THE SHIRT READ THE SHIRT YOU ARE STARING AT!!" I kept thinking.

Finally, after about 10 minutes, I notice her look at him weird.

"Where'd he get that shirt?" she said to me, confused. "Are you PREGNANT!?" she finally put two and two together HAHA!

She was excited. Now she'll be a "damma" times three!!


LeeAnn said...

Thats a great story!!! Very similar to the experience that I had with my mom. At the time I was into those Italian charm bracelets and had found a charm on ebay that read "Baby on the way". I ordered the day I found out I was pregnant. And of course it took about 5 days to get here. The longest 5 days ever. And I put it on my bracelet and when we went over to my moms that evening, I casually showed her my new charm. Just as I always did. And she looked at it...said "Baby on the Way....... Why did you get that one?" thats when she looked at my face and I couldn't hold back this huge grin. She then realized 'what that meant' and was excited. Its like you wanna tell them..."Well duh, what do you think it means???" LOL.

Kristi Sauer said...

Totally cute idea!!