Monday, October 1, 2007

6w5d or 5w5d?

I *think* my little calendar buddy is a week off over there. I had a second ultrasound last Thursday and my mom measured me at 5weeks. So, I think I'm a week behind what I *thought* I was. I'm going to bug her for another sonogram this week (haha... you'd better bet I'll be in there like EVERY freaking week HAHA!).

This past weekend, if you read my regular blog, you'll know that I was super sick with a migraine. I started getting really nauseous on Saturday, throwing up a few times. I ended up throwing up 4 or 5 times over the weekend (which was NOT fun with a piercing migraine, let me add), and foods were making me really nauseous. I thought it was just because I had such a bad migraine. One of the worst I've had yet.

Sunday I told Ryan... "I NEED KFC for lunch. Their mashed potatoes. YUUUMMM." That is exactly what I craved when I found out I was pregnant with Porter.

Today I woke up feeling fine. Ate pancakes and syrup with Porter for breakfast and even had a granola bar snack at school (gotta keep Ryan happy). But, by the time I picked Porter up from my grandmas (around 12:30) I was starving and getting a little queasy. We went to Pollys where I picked up a big box of Hungry Jack Mashed Potatoes, corn dogs and some other misc. foods.

I'm sitting here now typing... getting hungry. Getting nauseous. I should go eat and get to bed.

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