Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A day away from 10 Weeks

And feeling like major..... crap.

I have had this endless stomach-sick-acidy-nauseaus-pukey feeling all day. It doesn't help that I made a pot roast for dinner so our entire house smells like onions and roast and veggies (BARF) which has made me heave more times than I care to think about. (note to self: do not make pot roast for a looooong time)

We skipped swimming tonight. I'm glad I did as I'd definitely have ralphed in the pool.

I'm now sitting here feeling soo hungry, yet nothing sounds good and all I can smell is- yep- onions and meat and veggies which is making me queasy as I type.


Sorry for the whiny post. Thats about all I have to update. Other than.. I bought a pair of "maternity" pants today. They're the "real waist" pants... no panel or anything, and they have a drawstring. My dress pants are getting really snug. Uncomfortable snug.

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Kristi Mangan said...

oh I remember those nauseous feelings all too well... I hope they subside for you soon!!!!!