Sunday, October 7, 2007

Is this all in my head?

I swear I've had mild heartburn all weekend. I eat something spicy and I feel acidy in my chest and throat. I haven't had heartburn since I was pregnant with Porter, and I do not remember it being this early.

Other than that... I've just been feeling "icky" on and off all day. When I get too hungry, I feel nauseous. And, of course, not much sounds good... until I think of that "perfect" food. Saturday I ate about 9 pieces of toast with butter, cinnamon and sugar.

Every evening around 10/11pm I am starving for a nighttime snack. Oh, that'll do good for the waist and butt.


kimca01 said...

I'm the same - either nothing sounds good or I think of something that I have to have and then can't get enough! We'll just be chunky together, don't worry!

LeeAnn said...

LMAO on the 9 pieces of toast!!!

heather said...

My first pregnancy I only had heartburn towards the end when the baby was taking up so much stomach space. The second time around I swear it started the second I found out I was pregnant... before there was even any belly! It was so bad! And so irritating for 9 months!! I lived on tums... especially at night!

Michelle Leigh said...

I had heartburn early on this time, but it went away a few weeks later, thank God. I had terrible, terrible heartburn/acid reflux with Annika, it was miserable. I feel for ya, it sucks!