Monday, March 31, 2008

Hudson with no middle name

Hudson still does not have a middle name. We really haven't even discussed it lately. I figure with a tad over 7 weeks to go (and crossing my fingers its more like 5 weeks....) I guess we should at least start hashing out some middle name ideas.

Here are the names we're considering so far:

Hudson Cole

Hudson Oliver

Hudson Avery

Hudson Isaiah

Hudson Elijah

Does anyone else have any suggestions? You can vote "Other" and add your suggestions there if you want.


Michelle Leigh said...

I vote Avery. I think Oliver is too much like Oliver Hudson, that's all I think of when I hear it. I also like Isaiah, that would be my 2nd choice. Good luck! CAn't wait to meet the little guy!

Anonymous said...

i still really like oliver. and i like cole too.

jenny said...

i like oliver. :)

Katie said...

I like Cole....Don't get too jealous on me possibly being induced. He said I had to be dilated to 1cm....with Donnie I didn't dilate at ALL until after my potocin, even though my water had broke!! So, I probably won't even be dilated to induce!!

Yes, on Weds. for kids-n-stuff.

Carrie Cole said...

Hudson "COLE", of course....I mean, that is the best name ever!

Cass said...

I vote for Cole. I just like how that sounds - just think he'll be standing on one foot on a bookshelf and you'll say Hudson Cole get down from there right now.

Jac said...

I like Cole & Avery the best.

jessica said...

oliver all the way ;) i'd say cole as a 2nd choice. that was on our short list for a boy.

LeeAnn said...

im glad other people are liking Cole as well!