Friday, May 2, 2008

37....err 36 week appointment?

I had my "37 week" appointment today. Turns out they have my due date as June 1st. That blows! Why do they have it as June 1st, you ask? Because I had an early early ultrasound at 5 weeks done by my mom and that one single ultrasound dated me at being due June 1st. I opened my big mouth and that's what they're going by. Every other ultrasound, as well as my LMP has me due on May 23 (give or take a day). The sonographer at the ob's office even said that an ultrasound at 5 weeks isn't fully accurate because the baby is literally a little nothing blob and its often hard to measure accurately.

HOWEVER... Tracy (the nurse midwife) did say that since Porter was almost 2 weeks early and my body naturally dilated and went into labor early that more than likely I'll have this little guy early as well. And, better yet... she said that if I'm pregnant on the 23rd and I want to be induced on that day, that it sounds like a great day to have a baby to her. She said she has no problem inducing me since this is my second baby and because my body went into labor naturally with my first pregnancy. So... due date or not... I'll be making sure I'm induced on the 23rd. I'm still hoping for a little earlier though.

She did say his head was down and showed me where to pinch/push on my low low abdomen and feel his head. I was afraid he was sideways or something because lately he's been kicking out each side of my stomach. She said he's probably kicking with his feet out once side and pushing his butt out the other. That's fine with me... better than with Porter- he used to kick right into my ribs. That was terrible.

Great news... I have not gained anything. I actually lost 1lb from my last appointment. I know the doctor tried to tell me that most women gain a lot at the end... but just as with Porter's pregnancy I've stayed steady and/or lost a pound or so at each appointment.

That's about it for that appointment. I go back in one week.


kimca01 said...

Just know that induction SUUUUUUCKS - it puts your body into hard labour without the chance to build up to it. It's brutal. Hopefully you just avoid that and go into labour on your own!

Maggie's son was 2 weeks early too and she's hoping to go early with this one like you are too.

I think my kids would stay in forever if they weren't evicted!!

Stephanie said...

Hey, I am due on June 1 too! How frustrating they are trying to change your due date now. What the heck? I hope you go early! Even before the 23rd. And then send some of those early labor vibes via the internet to me too! :)

The Vivian Family said...

JUST AROUND THE CORNER! Hang in'll go by fast and then you'll be telling me how you wish he was tiny again!

lina said...

I was induced w/ all 3 of my children, so it is all I know & it happens quick (usually). If you want to select when Hudson arrives then go for it:) It can be intense, but if labor goes smooth for you & you aren't against pain control then it may not be as bad as people make it out to sound like.