Saturday, May 17, 2008

I guess not....

Well, we thought tonight might be the night. I started having contractions around 6pm, and they were about every 2-7 minutes. At 6:30 Ryan called his parents to come over to watch Porter, thinking we needed to head to the hospital. I kept saying "No, no... its probably because I didn't eat much today... I haven't had anything to eat in awhile." So, I finished with dinner, and decided to hop in the shower just in case we did have to go to the hospital.

By the time Cathy and Dave got her and I was out of the shower, my contractions were about 10 minutes apart. And then they stopped for awhile, and started back up from 8-10pm being pretty regular, about 10 minutes apart give or take a few minutes. And they were getting a bit stronger, more painful.

I called L&D only because the booklet they give you says if its your second child to come in when contractions are 5-10 min apart. With Porter, I never went to the hospital b/c of contractions... I went in for my appt. and was sent to L&D from there. Anyhow, I let them know what was going on, asked how far apart I should wait to come in etc. They said every 5 minutes and pretty regular.

So, I laid down to get some sleep, figuring if we ended up going in in the middle of the night I'd better at least get some sleep. Cathy and Dave had taken Porter home with them just in case, so we didn't have to worry about him tonight.

I just woke up and its 1:45ish. I haven't noticed or had any contractions in awhile. Go figure. I probably should have gotten off my butt and walked around more, as they seemed to be more regular when I was up and moving. I'm just too lazy LOL!

I guess we'll see what tomorrow brings...

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kimca01 said...

UGH - I hate that! That happened to me for 2 weeks and I never did fully go into labour. So annoying!! At least it's Tuesday regardless though, the end is in sight!