Monday, May 26, 2008

Becoming a Big Brother

*I forgot to add this post earlier, so I don't forget when I go to scrapbook these photos*

Ryan's parents brought Porter up to the hospital after his nap, around 4:30pm. I wish I'd have thought to take our video camera to the hospital... we are TERRIBLE with using our video camera. Anyhow, Ryan snapped these pictures of Porter meeting Hudson for the first time.

He was so intrigued, I guess that's the word. He loves Baby Landon (who LeeAnn watches on the days she watches Porter as well) and just two weeks before we'd gone up to the hospital to see Katie and Baby Nolan. I kept telling him that Nolan came out of Katies belly and that Baby Hudson was going to be little and tiny like N0lan when he comes out of my tummy. I just kept trying to make him understand that the belly he always talked to would eventually produce a BABY! By Monday, when I asked him who he was going to get to meet tomorrow he said "Baby Hudson come outta your belly like Nolan outta Taties belly"

When he first saw Hudson he just stared. I had him sit on the bed with me and held Hudson for him. He was so sweet. He kept saying "Hi Baby Hudson! You come outta mommy's belly? You come play with me? OOOhhh Hi Baby Hudson!" He was so gentle with him... softly stroking each cheek, then his forehead and then his nose... kind of inspecting all of his tiny little parts.

It didn't last too long as he heard the train outside and "Oooh I dotta get down and see dat train!!" HAHA!

However, since coming home, Porter is SUCH a good big brother. The first day home, I put Hudson in the sling while Porter napped. When Porter woke up, he groggily stumbled around the living room to all the "baby items"... the boppy, the swing, the carseat, the bouncer, and into Hudson's room. The whole time I kept asking "What are you looking for?" but he didn't answer... he just slowly inspected each item. He finally looked up at me and said "I can't find Baby Hudson!" HAHA!

Every morning he comes into my room and says he wants to go see Hudson, and he wants to wake him up. He pushes his stool up next to his crib in the morning and stares at him. When we go somewhere, he tries to help Ryan carry the carseat by holding onto the side. I'm so proud of him for being such a good big brother!


CassJustCurious said...

That is SO precious. I think it's so bizarre that I'm wanting another baby right now...given that I haven't yet had this one...maybe this is normal.

Anonymous said...

so sweet! hopefully this lasts and lasts! i love how you type his voice. i can almost hear it!

lina said...

That is so sweet! I remember when we brought Isaac home & how sweet Lydia was! Those were the days :)

Kelli said...

What a sweet little boy you have- I love that story, thanks for sharing!

Angelique said...

How stinking cute! He is going to be a great big brother!

The big brother in this household is the caretaker of all the younger kids- I love watching it!!! (except the days that he thinks he IS the boss and is Mr. Bossy pants to them all.)

Denise said...

How precious!