Monday, May 19, 2008

T Minus 1 Day!

I am in a little disbelief that tomorrow at this time I'll be in the hospital in labor. I'm extremely nervous this time around. With Porter, he was early and I was so uncomfortable that all I could think about was being done being pregnant. I don't remember being nervous or scared about delivery... I embraced the fact that I'd be done being so uncomfortable.

Now its my last day home with just one child. Ryan won't be home until late tonight (class), and Ryan's parents are taking Porter to stay the night so we don't have to worry about getting him anywhere in the morning.

I've been racking my brain thinking of any last minute things I need to do while I'm pregnant. I really want to take a few pictures of Porter talking to Hudson. Its the sweetest thing. He loves to lift up my shirt and talk to him. He says the cutest things like:

"I gotta say hi to baby Hudson"
"Hey baby Hudson.. you wanna come out and play with me?"
"What doin', baby Hudson?"
"C'mon! You come out now? C'mon!" (with hand motions... so cute)
"Love you baby Hudson!"

I am going to try to get video of him and attempt to set up my camera timer and take some pictures. We'll see how that goes...

I'm feeling all emotional about saying goodbye to Porter today as I know it'll be the last time I see him as my only child. Is that strange?

So anyhow... I'm just freaking out a little bit about this last day of pregnancy. Like I've said before, I am not sure how much I'll be leaning towards having a third child after Hudson is here. It makes me sad to think this could possibly be it. We obviously won't make any rash decisions for quite awhile, but I know for sure we won't be adding onto our family until Hudson is about 4 or so. I'm just trying to enjoy his little kicks and movements while I can.

I'm also freaked out about labor and delivery! I'm so so nervous this time around... the "amnesia" seems to be wearing off and I'm remembering the pain and exhaustion of delivery and pushing for 2 hours. I'm hoping Hudson comes out face down like he is supposed to and maybe that'll make it a little easier?

Well, I guess I should get off here and bask in the last afternoon of being huge and round and full of baby. I'll try to update as soon as I can!


Hilary said...

Good luck!! I have heard that the second time labor and delivery is much easier and goes much quicker...Can't wait to see pics of baby Hudson!

Michelle Leigh said...

Good luck Nicole! I can't wait to see pictures. The pain will be over soon enough and you'll be holding little Hudson. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck tomorrow - I will be sending lots of good thoughts your way for a quick labor and easy delivery. I can't wait to see picture of Hudson!

I remember feeling the EXACT same way while waiting for Maren's birth . . . excited, scared, sad, nervous . . . knowing that Cooper was no longer going to be my only 'baby' was really hard on me, but seeing him with Maren for the first time took all of that anxiety away. I also went into Maren's birth being up in the air about having a third child - it ended-up making the adjustment of not being pregnant any more a little easier . . . there was a lot less of the "I'm never going to experience this again" feeling and more just plain excitement.

Have a wonderful day with Porter and if you can, squeeze in a little time alone this evening - it may be the last for a little while!

Leslie A. Collins said...

Everything will be fine. I am anxious for you!

kimca01 said...

I felt like that too - I was totally emotional about the last moments with one kid... It's only been 2 weeks but now it feels like we've always had 2 kids, you know? Life is ALOT busier/more exhausting though!!

We are definatly done at 2. Having Callie really sealed the deal - I always said I wanted 3 but I am so over that! I never want to be pregnant again!! My friends keep saying that's because I have a newborn but it's not - having a newborn is alot easier this time around. I think you just know when you are done and I am DONE!

CassJustCurious said...

Good Luck! Can't wait to see pictures!

beanski said...

GOOD LUCK with everything! I will be thinking of you tomorrow!

I already feel that "Is this my last pregnancy" anxiety and the "Renee's last (only) summer as my only kid" guilt so I think both are normal. I'm guessing it goes away though :) Love him up while you can!

My favorite is: 'Hey baby Hudson, you wanna come out and play with me?" Hehe. Love it.

jenny said...

good luck tomorrow! can't wait to see pictures of the little guy!

i think it's normal to feel emotional about the 'last' experiences you have with one child before the second comes along. i'm sure i will be when that time comes.

get some rest tonight! :)

Anonymous said...

GOOD LUCK! i can't WAIT to hear about him and see pictures! you'll do great!

Stephanie said...

Good luck! I have enjoyed following your pregnancy through your blog and I can't wait to see pictures of your new little guy! Hope you have a quick and easy delivery.

jane said...

Good luck, everything will go great! I will be sending thought and prayers your way!