Saturday, May 10, 2008

Less than 2 weeks!

Oooh I am getting so excited to have Hudson here. I can't wait to see him and see what and who he looks like and see how Porter reacts to him. Katie had her baby on Wednesday (baby Nolan!) and Porter and I went to see them.... he was so sweet with him. I hope he's the same way with Hudson.

Porter and I went to Target the other day and picked up two packs of slow flow nipples to get us by, as well as a can of formula and... hmm... I guess that's all! I still feel like I'm so unprepared for this baby... but I guess its not like we're a zillion miles away from a store if we need to get something.

I forgot to mention... I got a steal on a swing! I found this swing on Craigslist for $20... its in great condition although the mobile has a few malfunctions (lights don't work and the mobile doesn't turn). The swing works great and the music works, so we're good. We had borrowed this same swing from my sister and those same 2 things didn't work on hers, so it must be something with that swing that malfunctions. Oh well... for $20 I'm not complaining!

Still no real headway on the middle name. I think I'm pretty set on one, but we really haven't even discussed names recently. We've tossed a few back and forth in passing, but just haven't sat down and hashed it all out. Maybe that will be a plan for tonight.

I ordered the footprint photo frame and baby book tonight. I decided to just get the same baby book that Porter has (yeah... I know... boring...), that way I didn't end up loving or hating one more than the other. Its not like I don't document on my blog or in my scrapbooks, so really, baby books aren't something I need to be particular about. And, I do like Porter's baby book.

I also need to somewhat pack a bag for the hospital. Any suggestions on what to take? With Porter we took EVERYTHING but the kitchen sink... and used none of it. They provide diapers and even formula, so that's take care of. I'm thinking thus far I really just need my camera(s), an outfit for Hudson and I to go home in, some toys for Porter for when he's visiting us, uhm.... anything else? I'll probably take my laptop as they have wifi in the rooms. Who knows if I'll be up to blogging, but you never know....


Denise said...

I can't believe you're just about has gone by so fast & I am so excited to see Mr. Hudson!

As for the hospital bag...I would pack light. We took our whole house last time and like you said, didn't use any of it. :o)

lina said...

Holy panic! See you just posted about being unprepared & now you could just walk in the door w/the little man (well except for the middle name :)
I packed up the whole house too the 1st time. The last time, it was an outfit for Isaac, that he didn't get to even use since he went straight to the U for a 2 week stay (apparently he didn't like us then & needed some alone time). A bathrobe & slippers for me, because who really gets dressed to entertain? My shampoo, toothbrush, etc & clothes to go home in & camera, along w/ a blanket that I was scrambling to finish crocheting for him.

kimca01 said...

We took a present for Morgan from Callie for every day we were there and it went over REALLY well. He keeps talking about how Callie gave those things to him.

Also chapstick, hand cream, ear plugs... With Morgan cause I laboured, I had my iPod which was awesome in drowning out the other screaming moms LOL

Hmm.. oh, bring pants that aren't low rise to come home in in case you have a c-section, you just never know. With Morgan, I only brought low rise because I had no clue I'd be having a c-section and the low rise are right on your incision.

jenny said...

i can't believe how close you are to hudson's birthday! :)

when i went to the hospital the first time - i had barely anything as i wasn't expecting to actually have him that night! i think you hit on the most important stuff: camera, bathroom items, an outfit for the little guy, and something comfy and cute for yourself to wear. :)

Lori said...

Just a couple of essential things that were helpful to me:

Thermacare pads (menstrual cramp in your underwear and lasts 8 hours...huge relief to me as the cramping got worse with each baby);
Tucks pads (never used them until after Brenna and it was an amazing help. If you’ve never seen them, they’re like stridex pads with witchhazel on them. You just put a couple right on top of the pad and it takes away the throbbing and stinging that you will have the first couple of days);
Hair clips/ties;
If you take your own pillow, take an extra pillow case (you can just tuck it right inside the pillow case that's already on it).

If I could do an indian dance for you to bring on contractions as you're reading this, I would. Hang in there. These are the longest days to get through.