Friday, November 9, 2007

11 week appointment

All is well so far. The midwife found the baby's heartbeat... 175bpm. I have gained 4lbs (ok.. so does that make a total of 10lbs so far? GET OUT!) Looks like I'm going to go for a new record of weight gain. At this point with Porter I had only gained 2lbs. (Hmm... I think I'm going to do a post on how different these pregnancies have been... definitely different).

This poor baby already suffers from the second child syndrome. It kind of makes me sad how "not as exciting" the second pregnancy is. I mean, I am SO excited to meet him/her, but the pregnancy... just seems... like... "here we go again... been there, done that". As I was scheduling my next appointment, the midwife was fumbling through my files and said "Nicole, I can't seem to find your labwork from your last appointment. Did you have that done?"

My jaw dropped. I said "THAT'S what that paperwork was for! I got home and couldn't remember why I had it! Oops!" Now, when I was pregnant with Porter I would have been listening intently to every direction she had given me about getting that bloodwork done. I'd probably have ran right to the lab after my appointment. This baby? I tuned her out, got home and had no clue what the paperwork was for so I tossed it. Anyhow, I headed right to the lab after my appointment and got a ton of blood drawn and gave another urine sample. Why do they need so much of my pee???

Anyhow, thats what's new. I'm going to start scoping in on the baby's heartbeat with my dopplar here at home since we found it at the doctor's office. Maybe I can record it and put it on here. I know you're all dying to hear it HAHA!


Michelle Leigh said...

One time last pg, I just forgot to go to an appt. all together! I felt terrible, but since I was into my every 2 week appt's, it wasn't too big of a deal. It really is different. You are less excited about the actual pregnancy, but just as excited about the baby. But, once I started to feel kicks, it changed a little. This time around, I'm so not in tune with my body. The only reason I remember I'm preggo is because of my expanding waist and my inability to drink wine, that's a constant slap in the face! I get to find out what I'm having next week and I am ever so patient, not at all like me either...

Anonymous said...

You throw stuff away? Interesting concept.