Friday, November 16, 2007

12w 2d

Wow... its been a week since I've posted! Nothing new has been going on. For the past week I've been feeling SO much better... hardly any nausea at all and I have not been gagging or puking! YAY!

I've definitely got my appetite back and I'm happy about that. Although I'm sure my ass isn't going to be happy about the huge Hot Fudge Brownie and Ice Cream Sundae I ate last night. I'm a pig. What can I say.

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Michelle Leigh said...

Well, if you can't eat then when you are preggo, when can you? I eat terribly. For lunch yesterday, before my u/s, I had pringles and coke and a donut! Brian teased me and said it was a good thing I didn't have my glucose test! I love sugar and frankly, I'm craving a big fat ice cream sundae with brownies.