Friday, November 9, 2007

This time That time.

  • Porter: I broke out badly... face, back, chest
    This time: I broke out for about a week, and now all is fine

  • Porter: Nausea on and off daily, but was manageable. I threw up only in the evening
    This time: Horrible nausea... gag reflex was going full blast- couldn't even think or talk about food/gagging without gagging. Puking numerous times a day.

  • Porter: Not really all that tired even though I was student teaching full time
    This time: Exhausted. But, I do have a toddler to look after

  • Porter: Craved sweets. Couldn't eat spaghetti sauces
    This time: Crave salt and pepper on foods (like mac & cheese... has to be doused in salt and pepper). Spaghetti sauces still turn me off most of the time... so maybe thats a pregnancy thing?

  • Porter: Didn't start gaining weight rapidly until second trimester
    This time: Have already gained 10lbs and not even out of the first trimester

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