Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New Pics of Baby Barczak: 14weeks

I love this next one if his/her hand: You can see all the tiny fingers!

This next one... its a little hard to tell if you're not familiar with sonograms. He/she is looking at you... the head is to the left and the hand is right below the word FACE.
So, that was the little peek in today. Keep on turning in your polls. I am not telling the gender until the Expect Net poll is filled out. You get points for getting the gender correct LOL! ExpectNet tallies up all the points. The penalty points are:

incorrect gender:400 points
date & time:5 points per hour
weight:5 points per ounce
length:10 points per inch

With Porter's game, I was actually the winner. Isn't that funny? Well, Ryan and I won't be voting this time around because I think it'd be unfair.


jenny cook said...

you are too funny. no really - i think you both should vote on it, like soon. we're all anxious to see what you're having! :)

MacKenzie Leigh said...

Nic, that picture of your baby boys hand is so amazing! My dad thought it was fake. LOL Hope you're doing well.