Friday, November 16, 2007

Time flies

You know what seems so crazy to me? The fact that so many people who are pregnant.... who I began reading their blogs at the beginning of their pregnancies... are already having their 20 week ultrasounds!

Michelle just found out yesterday that she's having a little boy. A little boy to join his two big sisters.

And Giselle (whose blog I just lurk on) had her ultrasound, is having a little boy to join a big brother and sister.

And Kim has her 20 week ultrasound (really at 18 weeks, right?) scheduled for December 12th... just a little over three weeks away!! Which means... we're up soon after that. Isn't that insane??

Its just crazy... I remember reading these blogs when I had JUST gotten pregnant. I felt like time was going so slow. But, here we are already 12 weeks along, over halfway there to the "big ultrasound." Of course, I hope to find out before the doctor's ultrasound- having my mom scan me. I have to keep tabs on this baby, you know... make sure he/she is doing ok in there.


Kristi *sweet* Sauer said...

Time sure does fly! I am super excited for my new nephew!!

Christy said...